Festival Sponsors

After almost 2 years absence owing to Covid, we were able, in March 2022, to reinstate the festival, though sadly and for understandable reasons the entries were much reduced. The effect on our finances has been negatively significant and we fear that the future of the festival could be in jeopardy unless we are able to secure further funding and an increase in entries.

We are therefore making a huge plea through local businesses and organisations, to consider a sponsorship of the festival. This sponsorship could be whatever you feel able to pledge as even enough small sponsorships will make a significant difference to the survival of the festival.

We ensure that sponsors receive significant publicity in all our literature and on our website. Their support is acknowledged at every opportunity, particularly during the fortnight in March when the festival takes place. If you feel that you would be able to sponsor the Eskdale Festival in 2023, we would be most grateful and ask you contact our sponsorship secretary at theresa@thewallfamily.org